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AC/DC - Flick Of The Switch (Vinyl/Record)

AC/DC - Flick Of The Switch (Vinyl/Record)

AC/DC: Record
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Flick of the Switch is the ninth studio album by Australian hard rock band AC/DC, released in 1983. The album was self-produced by the band and reached number 4 in the UK and number 15 in the US. Though considered a disappointment when released, the album is today praised by many fans for its rawness and energy, and was certified platinum by the RIAA.

The songs on Flick of the Switch contain much of the outlaw bravado ("Guns For Hire," "Badlands") and sexual innuendo ("Rising Power," "Deep in the Hole") that fans had come to expect from the Australian rockers. The song "Bedlam in Belgium" was inspired by the band's appearance at Kontich when a riot nearly broke out when police tried to close down the show after the band allegedly ignored a strict 11 p.m. curfew. On tour in support of the album, "Guns For Hire" was the set opener.

The album was recorded in the wake of the departure of longtime producer Mutt Lange, who had produced the band's previous four albums. Without Lange's guidance, AC/DC took a more hands-on approach to the production of Flick of the Switch, resulting in a rawer and more aggressive sound.

The album was met with mixed reviews upon its release, with some critics praising the band's return to their roots, while others criticized the album's lack of polish. However, the album has since been re-evaluated by many critics, who now view it as one of AC/DC's strongest albums.

Original Release:  1983.
Catalog No:  E 80209.
Size:  12" single vinyl record.
Color:  black.