CD:  Forbode - Self Titled

CD: Forbode - Self Titled

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Forebode - Self Titled Debut:
"Rumbling low end, down-down-down growls over lumbering grooves, a buzz of distortion that’s absolutely consuming — and an atmosphere that’s cavernous and bleak in like proportion. It’s a wide space, and all of it is dead." -The Obelisk

"The vocals aren’t drowning in reverb, and the bass isn’t lazily strummed along, instead, Forebode’s new self-titled record is a compelling showcase of heavy riffs and intense drumming that's spiritually closer to bands like Iron Monkey, Soilent Green, EyeHateGod, than bands like Bong Ripper or whatever brand of Matt Pike worship many choose to follow." -Rebel Noise

"While it’s hard to write in the strictest genre terms about the sound these guys are belting out, one thing is for certain: this is some seriously sludged-up, ferociously doomy metal-making with a southern stoner twist." -Doomed and Stoned


TJ Lewis - Vocals
Guillermo Madrigal - Bass
Eddie Konopasek - Guitar
Zach Donnelly - Drums

All Music/ Lyrics by FOREBODE, except for "Soul Trip" and "The Primitive Realm" which contain contributing lyrics by Ryan Brookshire.
The tracks "Firebrand", "Soul Trip", and "The Primitive Realm" contain guitar and drum writing contributions by Jack Strazzeri and Ryan Brookshire respectively.

Engineered by
Matthew Alvarez - Sound Shed Studios

Mixed by
Alec Rodriguez - Alec Rodriguez - Recording and Mix Engineer

Mastered by
Kevin Butler - Kevin Butler Productions

Artwork and Layout by
Rosario))) - Unexpected Specter -