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Black Furs, The - The Mayhem Years (Cassette)

Black Furs, The - The Mayhem Years (Cassette)

Regain Records: Cassette
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Music Cassette version:
-housed in a special double cassette hard case
-pro printed customized double cassette glossy j-card
-limited edition of 100 copies

HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS (distributed & marketed by REGAIN RECORDS) is proud to present a special collection of rarities from THE BLACK FURS, The Mayhem Years, on double-CD, double-vinyl, and double-cassette tape formats.

 Formed in 2013, THE BLACK FURS are the very definition of a CULT band. Hailing from Argentina, the power trio may residually reside in the same stoner doom scene that has given us such heavyweights as FULANNO, MESPHISTOFELES, SAHARA, THE CROOKED WHISPERS, SERPENT COBRA, and EN LA NIEBLA - all bands within the orbit of HELTER SKELTER now, of course - but THE BLACK FURS dub their sonic style "Death Blues," and for good reason: often doomy and most definitely stoned, sure, but there's a grand helping of garage rock gurgling within their soupy cauldron. Think more Nebula or MC5 rather than Electric Wizard or Sleep, but of course with that uniquely Argentinian twist.

 While THE BLACK FURS have released two albums so far - 2016's Doomed Blues and 2019's Stereophonic Freak Out Vol.1, both of which will be reissued worldwide by HELTER SKELTER - they've released a hefty amount of short-length releases, ranging from EPs to demos to splits to even digital singles. And, as most/all of those short-lengths are stand-alone releases, they thus exhibit a wide range of THE BLACK FURS' powers: from the super-stoned to the rawest and most garage-rockin' to pure blues to pure doom to even well-chosen covers by dual heroes The Stooges and Howlin' Wolf. To coincide with those aforementioned reissues is the MASSIVE compilation The Mayhem Years, which collects all those non-album releases as well as other rarities - nearly 80s minutes total, a true DOUBLE album!

Genre:  Metal.
Sub-Genre:  Doom / Blues / Stoner.
Catalog No:  Coming Soon.
Color:  White Shell w/Black Imprint.
Additional:  Double Cassette Tape.