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Bismut - Retrocasuality (CD)

Bismut - Retrocasuality (CD)

Instrumentals: CD
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Retrocausality is the second full-length album by Bismut, a psychedelic desert metal trio from Nijmegen, Netherlands. The album was recorded live in studio and features six lengthy tracks that explore a wide range of sonic textures. The music is characterized by its heavy grooves, driving rhythms, and psychedelic atmospheres.

The album has been praised by critics for its innovative sound and its ability to transport the listener to another world. It has been compared to the work of bands such as Sleep, Om, and Black Sabbath.

If you are a fan of psychedelic desert metal, then you should definitely check out Retrocausality. It is an album that will take you on a journey through space and time.

Genre:  Rock.
Sub-Genre:  Instrumental / Desert / Psychedelic / Space.
Catalog No:  LBR031.
Type:  Digipack.