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Amon Acid - Demon Rider (Vinyl/Record)
Amon Acid - Demon Rider (Vinyl/Record)

Amon Acid - Demon Rider (Vinyl/Record)

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Hailing from Leeds, UK, AMON ACID formed in 2018 to make psychedelic doom metal. It started as a bit of fun between two people, jamming at home, but after self-releasing their first EP, which received a positive response, it became a serious mission. Indeed, the core duo of Sarantis (originally from Athens) and Briony (from UK) are serious, and all it took was one listen to their debut album, Paradigm Shift - released in February 2021 by HELTER SKELTER to widespread acclaim – to convert unbelievers into fanatics, so hypnotically addicting was their sonic drug.

Now, with a brand-new full-length, Cosmogony, coming in 2022, AMON ACID deliver a teasingly short two-single single to tide over the fanatics. Titled Demon Rider, the single includes the title track – which also hails from Cosmogony – as well as the exclusive B-side “Incredible Melting Man.” “Demon Rider” throbs with an exquisitely dark and languorous groove, drugged-out doom melting as ominously (and slowly, of course) as a black candle. “Incredible Melting Man,” despite its title, is actually a kick-out-the-jams type of ‘banger, AMON ACID sounding just as devilish and delirious at this rare up-tempo.

Genre:  Rock.
Sub-Genre:  Hard / Heavy / Neo-Psych.
Catalog No:  HSP077.
Size:  7" Single Vinyl Record.
Color:  Black.