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Cramps, The - Date With Elvis (Vinyl/Record)

Cramps, The - Date With Elvis (Vinyl/Record)

Punk: Various - Record
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A Date with Elvis is the third studio album by American rock band the Cramps, released in the UK on Big Beat Records in 1986. The title was appropriated from A Date with Elvis (1959), the eighth album by Elvis Presley. The album was recorded in fall 1985 and engineered by Steve McMillan and Mark Ettel at Ocean Way Studios in Hollywood, California.

The album was first released in the US in 1990 by Enigma Records, with the bonus tracks "Blue Moon Baby," "Georgia Lee Brown," "Give Me a Woman," and "Get Off the Road." The Cramps reissued the album (with bonus tracks) on their own Vengeance Records in 2001. The original album was reissued in the UK by Big Beat in 2013 on orange vinyl, and subsequently reissued again by Vengeance Records in the US, UK and Canada in 2014. It was The Cramps' most commercially successful album release, reaching the US Billboard Top 100 and UK Top 40.

The album was a critical and commercial success, and is considered one of the Cramps' best albums. It was praised for its catchy songs, energetic performances, and unique sound. The album was also a commercial success, reaching the US Billboard Top 100 and UK Top 40.

The album's title track, "A Date with Elvis," is a rockabilly-inspired song about meeting Elvis Presley. The song was a hit single, reaching number 12 on the UK Singles Chart. Other notable tracks on the album include "Garbageman," "The Hot Pearl Snatch," and "What's Inside a Girl?"

A Date with Elvis is a classic album by one of the most influential rock bands of all time. It is a must-have for any fan of rockabilly, punk, or garage rock.

Original Release:  1986.
This Release:  2013.
Catalog No:  WIKAD46.
Size:  12" single vinyl record.
Color:  black.
Additional:  import.