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AC/DC - Fly On The Wall (Vinyl/Record)

AC/DC - Fly On The Wall (Vinyl/Record)

AC/DC: Record
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mediaFly on the Wall is the 10th studio album by Australian hard rock band AC/DC, released in 1985. It was produced by Harry Vanda and George Young, the band's longtime producers. The album was a commercial success, reaching number 3 on the Billboard 200 chart in the United States and number 1 in Australia. However, it was not as well-received by critics as some of the band's previous albums.

The album's sound is a departure from the band's previous work, which was largely blues-based hard rock. Fly on the Wall features a more polished and synthesizer-heavy sound, which was influenced by the band's desire to appeal to a wider audience. This change in sound was met with mixed reactions from fans and critics. Some fans felt that the band had abandoned their roots, while others appreciated the band's willingness to experiment with new sounds.

The album's lead single, "Shake Your Foundations", was a moderate hit, reaching number 22 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Other notable songs on the album include "Sink the Pink", "Stand Up", and "Back in Business".

Fly on the Wall is a controversial album, but it is still an important part of AC/DC's discography. The album's sound is a reflection of the band's desire to change with the times, and it helped to pave the way for the band's later albums, which would feature an even more polished and synthesizer-heavy sound.

Original Release:  1985.
Catalog No:  E80210.
Size:  12" single vinyl record.
Color:  Black.