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Mephorash - Krystl-Ah (CD)
Mephorash - Krystl-Ah (CD)

Mephorash - Krystl-Ah (CD)

Regain Records: CD
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Digipack CD version:
-4 panel digipack
-digipak housed in slipcase with gold print
-24-page booklet

"Out of the depths and from the makings of Shem Ha Mephorash, we are now proud to present to you all the birth of a new era of MEPORASH in the form of our upcoming new album, Krystl-AH. This will be a wholly new chapter within the creative process of ours, involving a new way for us to look upon the way we write our lyrics and compose our music..."

Indeed, such is the way of Sweden's MEPHORASH. With a wealth of underground experience and an ever-restless but always-tactical manner of making music, their ascent up the ranks of international black metal has been decisive and well-earned. Although their catalog since their formation in 2010 has always been of sterling quality, it was 2019's aforementioned Shem Ha Mephorash - a literally MASSIVE album at 74 minutes, released to widespread acclaim by SHADOW RECORDS - where MEPHORASH dramatically claimed their throne. And upon evidence of the forthcoming Krystl-AH, they're not likely to relinquish that throne any time soon.

"We have made the decision to try and step away from the commonalities of traditional 'black metal,' and have instead sought to find inspiration from the depths within ourselves, making this a work of deep and personal significance for us," the band continue. "It will dive ferociously into a myriad of topics, ranging from the mysteries of the 'Krystl-AH,' the gnosis of light, and divine narcissism to tantric sexual magic, and also dive deep into the traumatic and yet blissful events that created the project now known as MEPHORASH."

That feeling of both ceremony and celebration is immediately felt upon pressing "play" to Krystl-AH. Another literally massive album, the 68-minute Krystl-AH moves with an ominous beauty - breathtaking, brilliant, and yet suggesting vast, frightening mysteries beyond its wide-ranging scope. A suitably vast army of damned angels serve as the backing choir to these seven incredibly epic compositions; soul-stirring leads rise and fall with grace, while sonic spaces open up and deftly subtle layers of strings, synths, and acoustic guitars flesh out this almost sensual experience - nothing ever in a rush to find its destination, only ever the feeling of being IN THE MOMENT, patient and complete. This soundfield alone serves a distinct backdrop separating MEPHORASH from conventional "black metal," far closer to a classical score but no doubt infused with the central energies of true religious black metal. It's not incorrect to suggest that one could get lost in any one of these epics - in fact, two top 10 minutes each - but it's a journey that infinitely rewards the intrepid and inquisitive, those who wish to surpass their personal Rubicon to receive illumination...and damnation.

"We have been diligently carving out and perfected this project for the last four years," they conclude, "through anger, love, hate, tears, sweat, pandemics, and pure chaos in all its shapes and forms to make this a reality. So now we are so incredibly proud to finally be able to present to all of you who have been waiting ever so patiently...Krystl-AH. Shem Ha Mephorash!"

Genre:  Metal.
Sub-Genre:  Black / Esoteric / Occult.
Catalog No:  Shadow 050.
Type:  Digipack.