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Phil Sawyer - Childhood's End (CD)

Phil Sawyer - Childhood's End (CD)

Guerrsen Records: CD
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A magical discovery from the downunder 70’s psychedelic scene. Phil Sawyer’s 1971 album “Childhood’s end”, originally released in Australia on the Sweet Peach label, remains pretty unknown yet to most of collectors around. No justice.

This is a wonderful album that will please anyone into psychedelia, rock and folk. Totally electric, great production, great songwriting, warm uneducated voice by Phil himself that gives a slight looser feel to it at times… the album contains some fantastic mid-tempo psychedelic folk-rock ballads, and the song that gives name to the album is an incredible slice of pure psychedelia with lots of tasty psychedelic sound effects.

This is a very rare and collectable item in original (Hans Pokora gives 5 discs to it in his books). This first ever reissue is licensed from the original label and the sound is taken from the mastertapes. Slimcase.

Original Release:  1971.
Catalog No:  GUESSCD006.
Type:  Jewel Case.