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Zombi - Surface To Air (CD)

Zombi - Surface To Air (CD)

Relapse Records: CD
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Zombi - Surface To Air is the second full-length album by space rock duo Zombi. It was released in the United States by Relapse Records on May 2, 2006. The first vinyl edition was released through Belgian record label Hypertension Records in 2006.

The album is described as a moving, breathing mass of symphonic sound that creates boundless moving pictures. It features swelling waves of melodic synth riding atop a broad bass and drum foundation. The tracks are characterized by sequences of repetition that roll, build, and unfold with the measured patience of master artisans.

Genre:  Rock.
Sub-Genre:  Ambient / Hard / Instrumental.
Catalog No:  RR6545-2.
Type:  Jewel Case.