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Mars Red Sky - Mars Red Sky (CD)

Mars Red Sky - Mars Red Sky (CD)

Mrs. Red Sound - CD
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The self-titled debut album by Mars Red Sky is a 2011 release that blends elements of stoner rock, psychedelic rock, and desert rock. The album was recorded in Bordeaux, France, and features seven tracks that showcase the band's heavy, blues-inspired sound.

The album opens with the driving track "Strong Reflection," which features a catchy riff and Pras's soaring vocals. The song sets the tone for the rest of the album, which is full of powerful anthems that will get your head banging.

Other standout tracks include the bluesy "Curse," the epic "Way to Rome," and the psychedelic "Marble Sky." The album closes with the slow-burning "Up the Stairs," which is a perfect way to end the journey.

Mars Red Sky is a solid debut album from a band with a lot of potential. If you're a fan of stoner rock, psychedelic rock, or desert rock, then you need to check out this album.

Genre:  Rock.
Sub-Genre:  Heavy / Fuzz / Psychedelic.
Catalog No:  REVERB130.
Type:  Digipack.