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Somnus Throne - Somnus Throne (Vinyl/Record)
Somnus Throne - Somnus Throne (Vinyl/Record)

Somnus Throne - Somnus Throne (Vinyl/Record)

The Ancients
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Somnus Throne is an American stoner doom metal band from Los Angeles, California. They released their self-titled debut album in 2020, and their second album, Nemesis Lately, in 2022. Their music is characterized by heavy riffs, slow tempos, and psychedelic vocals.

The Somnus Throne album is a great introduction to the band's sound. It features six tracks of classic stoner doom metal, with songs like "Caliphate Obeisance," "Shadow Heathen," and "Receptor Antagonist" that will get your head banging. The album also features a longer, more experimental track called "Aetheronaut / Permadose" that showcases the band's ability to create more atmospheric and psychedelic music.

If you're a fan of stoner doom metal, then you'll definitely want to check out Somnus Throne. They're a young band with a lot of potential, and their self-titled album is a great place to start.

If you're looking for something heavy, fuzzy, and psychedelic to listen to, then I highly recommend checking out the Somnus Throne album. It's a great example of modern stoner doom metal, and it's sure to please fans of the genre.

Genre:  Metal.
Sub-Genre:  Doom / Fuzz / Psychedelic.
Catalog No:  BWR067.
Size:  12" Single Record.