The King Bastard 'It Came From The Void' Vinyl Release Tour

King Bastard Vinyl Release Tour

The Cosmic Peddler proudly presents the King Bastard It Came From The Void Vinyl Release Tour—a multi-day tour through Texas and New York celebrating the vinyl release of the band’s fantastic 2022 debut: It Came From the Void

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The Cosmic Peddler is releasing It Came From the Void on vinyl on April 5
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In the meantime:

Tour Dates

April 5

Venue: Division Brewery in Arlington, TX
Address: 506 E Main St, Arlington, TX 76010
Lineup: Heavy Daze, King Bastard, Bull by the Horn, Arbiter
Tickets: Available at the door.

April 6

Venue: Valhalla in Austin, TX
Address: 710 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701
Lineup: Wooden Earth, King Bastard, Red Beard Wall, Green Ripper

April 7

Venue: The Amp Room in San Antonio, TX
Address: 2407 N St. Mary's St, San Antonio, TX 78212
Lineup: King Bastard, Wooden Earth, Green Ripper, Red Beard Wall, Celebrity Sex Scandal
Tickets: Available at the door.

King Bastard - It Came From the Void Album Cover

Praise for It Came From the Void

“It Came From the Void is an admirably ambitious debut stoner doom album. In a genre which is known for having all the surprise of a hidden joint in a teenager’s room, this stands out for bringing real intensity and even horror to the game.”
—Angry Metal Guy
“NY Progressive Doom band KING BASTARD bring the kind of foul, wretched, crippling noise that Doom Charts is all about: Leviathan riffage, swirling Psychedelic motifs and saturnine gravities are in full conjunction on “It Came From The Void”: 6 tracks of filth-encrusted awesomeness!”
—The Doom Charts (Reek of STOOM)

“New York’s King Bastard sure might not be the first band to take their muse from the vast beyond that is space, but their debut album It Came From The Void sets its sights on not being constrained by any earthly limits on their collision of psychedelic, experimental jams, and towering doom.”
—The Sleeping Shaman

Interviews With King Bastard

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