Record:  1000Mods - Pearl (blue)
Record:  1000Mods - Pearl (blue)

Record: 1000Mods - Pearl (blue)

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In the past decade, 1000mods have risen from smokey basements to packed arenas, and from pioneers of the heavy/stoner rock movement to one of the most promising European rock acts. In their latest breakthrough record "Youth of Dissent" they break the spacetime continuum and perform a time travel to the glorious 90s, resulting in their best and most mature material to date. The best is yet to come. 

Limited edition One Sided 12" Maxi Single
Taken from Youth of Dissent
Includes 21st Space Century and Pearl on 45 RPM
The one sided vinyl is transparrent blue 180g. and the second side is etched
Design by Deworx