Record:  Advent Varic - Tumulus (black record)
Record:  Advent Varic - Tumulus (black record)

Record: Advent Varic - Tumulus (black record)

The Cosmic Peddler
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Advent Varic is Blackened Stoner Metal from the planet Tumulus.
Keeping true to progressive songwriting, gritty attention grabbing guitars, sheet metal ripping vocals, low end nightmare bass attacks, and gentle atmospheric interludes. This is surely something you've not experienced before.

The Necrosexual: " "Tumulus" is a feast of crunchy, melancholy melodies, and soaring, dissident leads, that wail like jet fighters on a suicide mission. Graves unleashes an intergalactic swarm of nasty guitar riffs to match his howling menace."

Adrenaline Armory (Taylor): "Advent Varic are here to see you through into the void. Blackened doom metal is all you hear on the way down into the darkness. Your light is no more. Consumed fully into the barren nothingness."

Desert Highways: "Piercing guitar lines and thumping drums are what you’ll get if you set foot inside the world of Advent Varic, and a brutal tale of despair is told! Don't say you weren't warned."