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Ararat - Musica De La Resistencia (Vinyl/Record)
Ararat - Musica De La Resistencia (Vinyl/Record)
Ararat - Musica De La Resistencia (Vinyl/Record)

Ararat - Musica De La Resistencia (Vinyl/Record)

Interstellar Smoke Records
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*Heavy Weght Black Vinyl 180 grams, housed in single-pocket LP-sleeve cover with posters A3 prepared by @shanehorror.

*Black Vinyl Hand-Crafted in 33 1/3 RPM, with new special audiophile mastering for vinyl edition to get the highest possible sound quality.

- Poster A3

Listening to “Musica De La Resistencia” is a bit like looking at a desert, and maybe an ideal soundtrack for it. A few drums, then again incomprehensible talk from afar, then again guitar, which offers a few sequences of notes that make you sit up and take notice, but in fact it doesn't really make music, but rather percussion, or a kind of background music to scorching heat, dunes and withered bushes trembling in the wind. This may be a good inspiration for painters, writers and poets, it may also be used as a soundtrack for a film about caravans dying of thirst or grave robbers, but objectively speaking it's nothing really special. Even if there are occasionally structured songs that sound a little less like percussion and in which a driving element, such as a keyboard, is mixed in from time to time, this doesn't change the overall impression much. There are vocals in only one song, occasionally an extremely overdriven e-guitar appears (à la KYUSS), but it's not clear whether it's being played or just lying in a corner and causing feedback. Whilst I can imagine the album being able to make a certain impression after binge drinking; barring such a possibility, it's just featureless background music.

1. Ararat - Gitanoss 13:56
2. Ararat - Dos Horses 05:02
3. Ararat - El Carrusel 06:14
4. Ararat - Little Grissy 00:55
5. Ararat - Ganar-Perder 07:21
6. Ararat - Magia Negra 11:49
7. Ararat - Castro 03:24

Hypnotic & Psychodelic Jam Session (!)

Genre:  Rock.
Sub-Genre:  Experimental / Stoner / Doom.
Catalog No:  ISR058.
Size:  12" Single Vinyl Record.
Color:  Black.