ART-019:  Grusom - Self Titled (clear record)

ART-019: Grusom - Self Titled (clear record)

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YouTube:  Grusom - Grusom (2015) (Full Album) - YouTube

With dark and gloomy lyrics, GRUSOM creates an honest and unpolished universe that questions life and death through authentic stories and malicious tales. It started out in a small room, in a small town, in a small country. Three guys with the urge to play rock 'n' roll and let their hair hang loose.

The band, formed in late 2013, began with only a guitar, drums and vocals. Knowing they needed more, the guys called a few friends, luring them into this idea. That became as easily done as said and within a week had the crew assembled: two guitars, bass, drums, organ and vocals.

And so became GRUSOM! The band released its DIY demo on bandcamp late in the summer of 2014 and received a lot of unexpected attention, which really lit a fire beneath the young guys' feet. End of 2014 the band recorded some more tracks to complete their stunning full length debut. From here on there's one thing to say: HORNS UP and ROCK ON!


- 2nd press
- 300x transparent/clear vinyl
- plated & pressed on high performance vinyl in Germany
- standard cover
- special vinyl mastering