ART-074:  Birnam Woods - Wicked Worlds

ART-074: Birnam Woods - Wicked Worlds

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*Purple/blue/white marbled Mailorder Edition Vinyl

YouTube:  Birnam Wood - Wicked Worlds (Full Album 2018) - YouTube

"Sounding like the missing link between Sabbath and Sleep, what you get is a shit load of riff worship that mixes evil psychedelic bad vibes with heavy groove." - Stoner Hive

"The band take influence from bands such as Black Sabbath, Red Fang and Sleep ... This album is one that will capture the hearts and minds of the Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal community. As there is something for everyone to admire this album a great deal. Overall, Birnam Wood have released a brilliantly entertaining and must have album that you need to own now." - Steve Howe / Outlaws Of The Sun

"... whether one wants to categorize them as stoner, doom, or something else, I don't think it matters. Birnam Wood, who made their self-titled full-length debut late in 2014 and have issued two EPs since, seem far more concerned with general sonic badassness than genre adherence, though they're well within the realm of capital-'h' Heavy." -