TCP Exclusive Record:  Aunt Cynthia's Cabin - Misty Woman (black)

TCP Exclusive Record: Aunt Cynthia's Cabin - Misty Woman (black)

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There is a certain vibe somewhere between the California desert and the surface of the moon where sepia-toned nostalgia meets the warm, spacey sounds of modern psychedelia. Aunt Cynthia's Cabin lies comfortably between these familiar facets of rock culture, carving our their own groove in a lately-stagnant scene by delivering an eerie, dark and fuzzed-out type of rock n’ roll with a psychedelic cherry on top.

Misty Woman is the group’s debut full-length album; likewise it is the first professionally recorded work of their catalogue. Previously a self-recording band with a home-brew analog-meets-digital rig, the trio ventured from their hometown of San Diego, CA to Austin, TX to record Misty Woman in a studio they felt would fit the vibe of their latest writing. The LP delivers the band’s usual reverb-drenched desert-rock sound with a tighter, studio-crafted approach incorporating new instrumentation and higher-fidelity psyched-out tones. Misty Woman sounds nothing less than a California band’s fuzzed-out, sun-beaten journey through the Texas desert.