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Aversions Crown - Hell Will Come For Us All (Vinyl/Record)

Aversions Crown - Hell Will Come For Us All (Vinyl/Record)

CRS-20s Rock
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Aversions Crown's latest album, Hell Will Come For Us All, provides hard-hitting riffs and pounding percussion within the band's signature deathcore sound. Fans of heavy metal will no doubt appreciate this album's intense sonic energy paired with its poignant lyricism, perfectly capturing a blend of aural and poetic pleasure.

It doesn’t seem too long ago when deathcore was a frowned upon scene. And to an extent, that disapproval was justified considering the over-indulgence in breakdowns paired with Hot Topic sold tank-tops and ear cartilage curdling gauges. The death metal community tightly embraced their elitism and bitterly shunned the spike in popularity of early mainstream deathcore bands for the aforementioned reasons, chalking it up to be a likely short-lived subgenre. There was a point in time where I somewhat also shared this perspective as deathcore's big-names were repeating their formula album after album. As we fast-forward to today, the negative connotation and musical complacency rooted within deathcore has surprisingly pulled off a successful 180.

Original Release:  2020.
Catalog No:  NB 5458.
Size:  12" Single Vinyl Record.
Color:  Red w/Black Splatter.