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Balsa - Sei Hexe (Vinyl/Record)

Balsa - Sei Hexe (Vinyl/Record)

The Underground: 7 Inch
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  • Balsa: Balsa's sound is a blend of electronica and rock, with a focus on driving beats and catchy melodies. Their music has been described as "dark electro" and "industrial rock."
  • Sei Hexe: Sei Hexe's sound is a fusion of darkwave and electronic music, with a focus on atmospheric textures and ethereal vocals. Their music has been described as "gothic electronic" and "coldwave."

The Balsa - Sei Hexe, ep is a great introduction to both bands' music. It's a dark, atmospheric, and danceable EP that is sure to please fans of both electronica and rock.

Original Release:  2013.
Catalog No:  SBR08.
Size:  7" Single Record.