BandCD:  Skunk - Strange Vibration

BandCD: Skunk - Strange Vibration

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* Compact Disc.

YouTube:  Strange Vibration - YouTube

Mix the early eras of Zeppelin, Kiss, Black Sabbath, and Grand Funk Railroad. Add a healthy sprinkle of resinous dust from obscure bands like Sir Lord Baltimore, Bang, Cactus, Pentagram, Leaf Hound, and Captain Beyond. Roll mixture in over-sized papers and smoke...can you smell the SKUNK?
Hard Rock from Oakland, California.

Strange Vibration is the second album from SKUNK, hard rock from Oakland, California.

The new Skunk joint is called "Strange Vibration" and it is All-Killer-No-Filler! No generic 'stoner rock' here. On Skunk's third release there are only smart, tight, expansive, and extremely musical songs. The sequencing is brilliant and the musicianship is rife with the slow burning, dangerous, tightly wound, and ready to strike precision that one has come to expect form Oakland's SKUNK! This band has synthesized all of the 1970's proto-punk and hard rock lessons a band can learn, namely that pop is not a bad word. Yet, we still have the sweet smoke of yonder times infused with the vectors of melancholy, ecstasy, and some good ol' arena crust! Plus as usual, this molten body of sonic action is wrapped up in some killer album art! Don't snooze on this release by one of the best rock bands around. Don't wait to look them up in 20 years on some back-in-the-day compilation that you paid wwwaaayyy too much money for. Skunk is now. Taste it. Buy the ticket, take the ride! Live today!
-- Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson, astrologer to Thee Arthur Layne

John McKelvy: vocals
Dmitri Mavra: Guitar
Erik Pearson: Guitar, Flute
Matt Knoth: Bass
Jordan Ruyle: Drums

Additional percussion by Richard Stuverud
Mellotron by Kosmos G
Recording Engineers: Dmitri Mavra, Chris McGrew (drums at Wally's Hyde Out, SF)
Mastering: Michael Romanowski (Coast Mastering, Berkeley, CA)
Music/Lyrics/Art: Dmitri Mavra
©2019 Dmitri Mavra
Fuzzy Mind Records (FM004)