BandCD:  Slow Phase - Self Titled
BandCD:  Slow Phase - Self Titled

BandCD: Slow Phase - Self Titled

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* Compact Disc.

YouTube:  Slow Phase - Slow Phase (Full Album 2020) - YouTube

Badass power trio explosion.

The debut album from Oakland power trio SLOW PHASE.

SLOW PHASE is a “badass power trio explosion!” - Dave Pehling, Bay Area music scribe

It was only after having spent 3 years woodshedding James Gang, KISS, Mountain, Zeppelin, Zappa, Grand Funk and the like, that the band decided to go "original" and christened themselves SLOW PHASE, after the most righteous setting on the 1971 Maestro Phase Shifter.

The trio is powered by drum wizard Richard Stuverud, known for his work with Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament (RNDM, Tres Mountains, Three Fish) and many more well-loved bands (Fastbacks, 3rd Ear Experience, Tribe After Tribe, among others). Stuverud started out in the Seattle music scene of the 80s-90s where he developed his wildly dynamic style that sounds like a molotov cocktail composed of Keith Moon, Bonham, Mitch Mitchell and Bill Ward.

Stuverud shares lead vocal duties and harmonies with bassist Anthony Pulsipher. Pulsipher is known around the Bay Area music scene as songwriter-vocalist-guitarist for art-damaged country rockers Spidermeow.

Guitarist Dmitri Mavra is the founder and songwriter behind retro cult favorites SKUNK.

"a cocoon of warm and fuzzy guitar tones and sizzling 70’s inspired rock’n roll” - The Ripple Effect blog

Dmitri Mavra - guitar, electric piano
Anthony Pulsipher - vocals, bass
Richard Stuverud - vocals, drums, percussion

Recorded by Bart Thurber, House of Faith
Mastered by Justin Weis, Trakworx
Mixing and Art by Dmitri Mavra