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Blackwater Holylight - Blackwater Holylight (Vinyl/Record)

Blackwater Holylight - Blackwater Holylight (Vinyl/Record)

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Blackwater Holylight's self-titled debut album is an exploration of heavy music that blends genres like gothic rock, folk, and psychedelic influences.

Released in 2018, the album is a swirling vortex of heavy riffs, emotional vocals, and unexpected sonic shifts. The band, an all-female quartet from Portland, Oregon, is known for their unique take on what they call "heavy," which isn't just about the music's volume but also its emotional depth.

Each song on the album is a journey, with its own distinct soundscape and mood. "Willow" opens with a simple, almost grunge-like riff that builds into a powerful crescendo. "Sunrise" starts with a post-punk groove before exploding into a wall of noise. And "Carry Her" establishes a dark, sparse melody that takes a sudden turn into a doom-laden dirge.

Blackwater Holylight's self-titled debut is a captivating album that rewards repeated listens. It's a testament to the power of heavy music to be both beautiful and brutal, and it's sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners.

Genre:  Rock.
Sub-Genre:  Hard / Indie.
Catalog No:  EZRDR087.
Size:  12" Single Record.