BLOOD-082:  Death Wolf -  IV: Come the Dark (record)

BLOOD-082: Death Wolf - IV: Come the Dark (record)

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*Black Vinyl Record

YouTube:  Empower the Flame - YouTube

Although it's been five long years since Death Wolf's last album,III: Östergötland, the band should require little introduction. Begun at the dawn of the new millennium byMarduk's Morgan Håkansson under the moniker Devil's Whorehouse as a means of tribute to the deathpunk sound of Samhain and the Misfits, following the band'sThe Howling debut EP did the band soon evolve beyond their half-covers repertoire into a deadly force all their own. In 2011, after two albums and two EPs under theDevil's Whorehouse moniker, a change in name was long overdue, and the far-more-fittingDeath Wolf was chosen. Wasting no time, three albums followed in almost as many years:Death Wolf (2011), II: Black Armored Death (2013), and III: Östergötland(2014).

But alas, we live in a doomed world, and never will Death Wolf reign across the radio...but their reasserted dominance is nearly certain with the arrival ofIV: Come the Dark, as never before have the band sounded so commanding and confident, each of these 11 anthems brimming with a granite-thick gleam that underlines thepower in professionalism.