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Bongzilla - Apogee (Vinyl/Record)

Bongzilla - Apogee (Vinyl/Record)

Metal: Various - Record
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Apogee is the second full-length album by American stoner metal band Bongzilla.  Apogee is a classic example of stoner metal, with slow, heavy riffs, crushing drums, and distorted vocals. The album is full of long, psychedelic jams that are perfect for getting lost in. The live tracks add a raw energy and intensity to the album.

The album's opening track, "H.P. Keefmaker", is a monster of a song, clocking in at over 10 minutes. It features a slow, plodding groove and crushing riffs. Muleboy's vocals are distorted and demonic, and Magma's drums are thunderous.

"Salvation" is a more melodic song, with a catchy chorus and soaring guitars. However, it is still plenty heavy, with a thick bottom end and distorted vocals.

"Grim Reefer" is another long, psychedelic jam. It features a slow, creeping tempo and haunting vocals. The song builds to a climax of crushing riffs and heavy drums.

Apogee is a must-have album for fans of stoner metal. It is a classic example of the genre, and it features some of Bongzilla's best work.

Genre:  Metal.
Sub-Genre:  Doom / Stoner / Psychedelic / Sludge.
Catalog No:  GR001.
Size:  12" Single Record.