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Bridge Farmers - Cosmic Trigger (Vinyl/Record)
Bridge Farmers - Cosmic Trigger (Vinyl/Record)

Bridge Farmers - Cosmic Trigger (Vinyl/Record)

Metal: Various - Record
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Cosmic Trigger is the debut album by American heavy psych/stoner doom band Bridge Farmers, released on May 19, 2023 through Olde Magick Records. The album was produced by the band and engineered by Daniel McNeill. The artwork was created by Tyler Hautala, the band's vocalist.

The album was met with critical acclaim, with critics praising its heavy riffs, psychedelic atmosphere, and overall originality. It was also praised for its production, which was described as being "clean and clear" while still maintaining the band's raw and heavy sound.

Cosmic Trigger is a must-listen for fans of heavy psych and stoner doom. It is a well-crafted album that is both heavy and psychedelic, with a unique and original sound.

Genre:  Metal.
Sub-Genre:  Doom / Psychedelic / Stoner.
Catalog No:  OM-045.
Size:  12" Single Vinyl Record.
Color:  Purple.