Budgie - The Last Stage (CD)

Budgie - The Last Stage (CD)

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The Last Stage is a compilation album by Welsh heavy metal band Budgie, released on October 25, 2004. It features 16 previously unreleased tracks, mostly from the early-to-mid eighties. Many of these tracks were intended to be released on the follow-up to 1982's Deliver Us from Evil, an album that never saw the light of day.

The album was compiled by Budgie bassist Burke Shelley, who also oversaw the remastering process. The sound quality varies from track to track, as each song was at a different level of completion before it was scrapped. However, the overall album is a solid collection of unreleased Budgie material that is sure to please fans of the band.

The Last Stage is a valuable addition to the Budgie discography, as it features a number of previously unreleased tracks from the band's most prolific period. The album is also of interest to fans of heavy metal history, as it provides a glimpse into what might have been if Budgie had released a follow-up album to Deliver Us from Evil.

Original Release:  2004.
Catalog No:  NPL NP12.
Type:  Jewel Case.