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Circle Jerks - Wild In The Streets (CD)

Circle Jerks - Wild In The Streets (CD)

Punk: CD
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Circle Jerks' Wild in the Streets is a hardcore punk album released on March 4, 1982, by Faulty Products, a sub-label of I.R.S. Records. It is considered a landmark album in the hardcore punk genre.

The album is known for its fast tempos, aggressive vocals, and socially conscious lyrics. The cover art features a photo of the band's members walking down a street, led by vocalist Keith Morris. The original release of the album only included seven songs on the A-side. The B-side was blank.

Critical reception of the album has been mixed. Some critics have praised the album's energy and intensity, while others have criticized its lyrics as being too simplistic. However, Wild in the Streets remains an influential album in the history of hardcore punk.

Original Release:  1982.
Catalog No:  TR003.
Type:  CD Boxset.
Additional:  Limited Edition / Deluxe Edition.