Preorder/ Potion - Oath to Flame

Preorder/ Potion - Oath to Flame

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YouTube:  Potion - Oath to Flame (EP 2021) - YouTube

POTION is back!
Back with 2 new Doom offerings that defy the laws of Heaviness, bleakness, misanthropy and filth.

Not only do those 2 tracks stand as immediate classics in the Doom category, they just set new standards of absolute riff supremacy.

Brutal, hostile, magic, and unparalleled.

"Oath To Flame" will soon be available as a 10", in three colour variations.
All info will be detailed shortly.

"What band is bringing these Unreal Haunting Majestic Riffs to the underworld? It’s none other than POTION and they’re back with a new EP entitled OATH TO FLAME. Straight up, this band is next-level awesome and this offering only proves it even more. Their brand of magical Doom is full of grief while still being otherworldly." - Sean Reveron / Cvlt Nation.