OM-019/Test Press:  10,000 Years - Self Titled (black record)
OM-019/Test Press:  10,000 Years - Self Titled (black record)
OM-019/Test Press:  10,000 Years - Self Titled (black record)

OM-019/Test Press: 10,000 Years - Self Titled (black record)

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YouTube:  10,000 YEARS - 10,000 Years (New Full EP) 2020 - YouTube

Band Biography:

Having previously played together in the original lineup of the Swedish, underground band Pike, Erik Palm (Guitars) and Alex Risberg (Bass/vocals) found their musical paths crossing once more in early 2020.  Locating a drummer turned out to be an easy task and with Espen Karlsen the final piece was firmly placed.  10,000 Years was born from the reignited and stoked creative fires burning into an inferno of passion for heavy riffs, sludge metal, and thundering stoner-doom rock.

After spending the early parts of 2020 writing and rehearsing, 10,000 Years recorded their self-titled debut EP, which started as a concept.  The concept album, now turned reality, was created during one weekend in June at the legendary Studio Sunlight with the legendary producer Tomas Skogsberg.  With two additional releases planned, this story is far from over. 

 Crushing stoner metal from Västerås, Sweden to suns beyond, into the jaws of the green king.  All hail the Green King!


Band Members:

Erik Palm – guitars

Alex Risberg – bass / vocals

Espen Karlsen – drums

Location:  Vasteras, Sweden.


Album Biography:

On 10 July 2020, the 10,000 Years EP was released on compact disc and digital download through Death Valley Records, where it received universal approval from fans and critics alike.  10,000 Years fuses stoner-rock, doom, and sludge-metal into their own brand of highly addictive, mind-blowing stoner-metal.  Now, prepare yourself for a whole new dimension of sound as Olde Magick Records releases this immense slab of sonic, skull crushing music on VINYL!

  • Recorded: Studio Sunlight, Sweden.
  • Mixed: Tomas Skogsberg.
  • Mastered: Magnus Andersson, Endarker Studios, Sweden.
  • Album Art & Design: Francesco Bauso, Negative Crypt Artwork.
  • Logo: Dominic Sohor.

Release Date:  December 2020.


125 copies – Band Edition:  transparent red record with interior jacket art & DLC.

125 copies – Olde Magic Edition:  clear record with red blob record with interior jacket art & DLC.

FFO: High on Fire, Black Tusk, The Sword, Kylesa, Mastodon etc.


10,000 Years debuted on the Doom charts in July 2020, coming in @ number 4.

** Super excited about this band that includes members from the mighty band Pike. This talented trio plays a superb and very loud meal of stoner/sludge and every song delivers the best ingredients from the genres best band! They’ve added an apocalyptic and psychedelic touch to the music which are so additive. I love Kylesa, Mastodon and High on Fire. Now I love 10,000 years.

** ” Excellent and highly recommended!”

Steve Howe, Outlaws of The Sun

** "Black Sabbath, even at their most heaviest, never sounded this raw and intense!"

Frazer Jones, Desert Psychlist

 ** "These five tracks will hit you like a true hammer of the Gods!"

Joop Konraad, Stoner HiVe



U.S. distribution @ The Cosmic Peddler.

European distribution @ Kozmik Artifactz.