Release #16:  Deaf Proof - Brain Utopia (cassette)
Release #16:  Deaf Proof - Brain Utopia (cassette)

Release #16: Deaf Proof - Brain Utopia (cassette)

Cosmic Peddler Records - Cassette
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Wake up you stoner dudes and dudettes! Grab your headphones and light ‘em up because DEAF PROOF from Freiburg, Germany is unleashing a monster of an album with “Brain Utopia”. This work is a no-brainer must-have for music fans, even for those whose brains tend to be mildly incapacitated at times.

Yes my friends, we are talking vintage, fuzzy, psychedelic, and indeed, excellent stoner material here. To say otherwise would require serious checking of the hearing, which is not a bad thing to do once in a while anyway.

Release Year:  2020.
Catalog No:  OM-016.
Color:  light blue shell with white imprint.


Cassette Tape x 100.

Facts:  joint release between The Cosmic Peddler & Olde Magick Records.