OM-013/Test Press:  LeatherFrank - Dark Forest (black record)
OM-013/Test Press:  LeatherFrank - Dark Forest (black record)

OM-013/Test Press: LeatherFrank - Dark Forest (black record)

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Band Biography:

It is hard to be a flower in a desert, and It is even harder when the other plants are so few and far between.  Somehow, LeatherFrank manages to thrive in the barren land, which is the Turkish rock scene, with its roots going as deep as classic rock.  Make no mistake through, LeatherFrank is a good, old-fashioned stoner/psychedelic rock band, with fuzzy guitars and groovy bass at the center of their music.  

Band Members:

Bora Senturk – guitar, vocals

Orkun Demirtay – guitar, back vocals

Batu Divrik – bass

Hakan Sarac - drums

Album Biography:

With their 2020 debut, Dark Forest, the band experiments with the stoner rock sound by blending it with different genres from psychedelic to progressive rock.  However, the biggest influence seems to be post rock.  The band focuses on tone and timbre with their music, taking their time to build a spacious atmosphere and embellishing that foundation with explosive riffs.  Whether you are running through a forest or driving down a desert highway, LeatherFrank is sure to take you on a unique ride.

  • Recorded: Pur Studio, Instanbul
  • Mastered: Savas Okan Oksit
  • Album Art: Ekmel Ayar

Release Date:  ??August 2020.


250 copies – Mystic Forest Edition.


LeatherFrank’s album debuted on the Doom charts, coming in @ number 24 in January 2020, beating out bands like Ritual King, Tortuga, and Solace to name a few.

Dark Forest is a decent start for my fellow countrymen, a short but firm piece, weaved with hypnotic yet melodic harmonies. Remarkable bass performance shines on this stoner desert dust as minimalistic vocal usage appear just when they are needed. Dark Forest disguises itself as a vessel to help you wander wherever your imagination leads you.



U.S. distribution @ The Cosmic Peddler.

European distribution @ Kozmik Artifactz.