HPS-132:  Orgone - MOS/FET (limited transparent splatter purple record) *Import

HPS-132: Orgone - MOS/FET (limited transparent splatter purple record) *Import

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YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oclCOLzc8tI&t=505s

  • GENRE: Psychedelic / Avantgarde / Space Rock
  • RELEASE DATE: 19th June 2020
  • TYPES: LP / Digipak / Digital
  • CAT: HPS132

Mos/Fet is the first studio album by the french band Orgöne. Fully self-produced, this first opus is a double album composed of four twenty-minutes tracks, delivering a complete immersion from which you won’t escape unscathed. With Mos/Fet, Orgöne reveals a SF mythology mixing 70s pop culture, ancient Egypt, pan-Africanism, spatial and paranormal exploration against the backdrop of Cold War and USSR. This first album is an interdimensional music journey in which the guide would have left you alone in a dead end world. Sometimes immersed in the thickness of a burning and hostile desert, sometimes in the depths of space, floating in weightlessness or crossing the Milky Way faster than light, atmospheres succeed one after another and tell you incredible, uchronial, dystopian, exhilarating and bewitching stories.