PreOrder/RIPLP:  Bone Church - Self Titled (compact disc)

PreOrder/RIPLP: Bone Church - Self Titled (compact disc)

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YouTube:  Bone Church - Bone Church (full Album 2017) - YouTube

From Riff Relevant:

"A debut is a milestone for any band, but some first albums are bona fide landmarks. Such ones are so game-changing, so monumental that they resonate across the waves of time itself. Bone Church have assembled such a structure here. They've poured a foundation of solid, guitar-hewn, heavy concrete-like rock, then added skeletal rhythmic reinforcement akin to rebar. They moderate the density, and intensity, of both constructs with an emotional temperament that’s riveted into place with vocal swagger."

Cementing themselves as a force to be bowed before with their 2020 album "Acid Communion" Bone Church proudly present this deluxe reissue of their astonishing debut, now with the inclusion of bonus live tracks along with the original studio recordings. Come ye forth and worship!