CD:  Sun of Grey - Outerworld

CD: Sun of Grey - Outerworld

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"Dystopian doom of the highest order" is how Desert Psychlist described Colorado's trio Sun of Grey's self-titled debut EP "Sun of Grey" and considering that it only contained two songs that is some praise indeed. Now you might think after garnering, not only plaudits from Desert Psychlist but also many of those who's opinions really matter in this scene, a full album would follow in due course. Unfortunately that was not the case and it has been a full three years since "Sun of Grey" surfaced to melt our faces and shudder our spinal cords with its brace of doomic delights. Well today we are stoked to announce that the long awaited release of something new from Sun of Grey is over, so please take your seats and buckle yourselves in as we will soon be departing for "Outerworld".