OM-018/Test Press:  Black Galaxy - Wrath of the Void (black record)

OM-018/Test Press: Black Galaxy - Wrath of the Void (black record)

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  Band Biography:

Hailing from the last decade of Ottawa's rock music scene, 4 men, collectively known as "BLACK GALAXY" set sail on the intergalactic highway. With space as a dimensional influence, and heavy riffs as a compass, they seek passage into the smoke-filled universe that is heavy metal.

Band Members:

Jimmy King – vocals

Mark Sudiacal – bass

Dave Nado – guitar

Josh Roy – Drum

Location:  Ottawa, Ontario

 Album Biography:

"Our lives have all been steeped and influenced largely by the heavy rock greats, and wanted to make music that not only came naturally to us, but could stand up next to the kickass anthems put out by our heroes. We wanted to make music that was exciting and powerful, but one that steered away from sadness and misery. We wanted to make an album that could make you scream and raise your fists in elation and glory, not grief and sadness. An album born of a need to express the smokey euphoric space epic that brewed inside us, one that brews inside all of us as the Universe exists infinitely within and without our earthly vessels. Songs of the glory of battle that exists in all the chaos of the universe."

  • Recorded: Sound Creation Studios.
  • Mixed: Scott Walsh.
  • Mastered: Philip Shaw Bova.
  • Album Art: Angie Nellis.
  • Design: Jason M. Vaughan.

Release Date:  September 2020.


250 copies – Death Witch Edition:  purple record with black and white splatter.


Into the Void debuted on the Doom charts in June 2019, coming in @ number 24.

Hard rock, heavy metal, signs of proto-love and a grungy spirit. The Black Galaxy four have it all! And you could stop right there, buy the album, and put it on repeat. But I just need to single out that second track: Death Monster. It will whip you into a frenzy and have you screaming along with the vocals within a few spins. It just rev’s you up like crazy and I can already see every crazy cat in the crowd going insane wherever and whenever they shall play it live! Holy hell, what a monster track!

~Joop Konraad (Stoner HiVe)


U.S. distribution @ The Cosmic Peddler.

European distribution @ Kozmik Artifactz.