Crawlers, The - Planned Obsolescence E.P.

Crawlers, The - Planned Obsolescence E.P.

Punk: Various - Record
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Planned Obsolescence is a 2019 EP by the American punk band The Crawlers. It was recorded in August 2010, but was not released until 2019 due to the band's breakup in 2011. The EP is limited to 200 copies, 150 of which were sold in the USA and 50 of which were sold in the rest of the world.

The EP features six tracks of raw, fast-paced punk rock. The songs deal with themes of alienation, despair, and social commentary. The EP has been praised by critics for its intensity and its raw energy.

The Crawlers were an important band in the Portland, Oregon punk scene. They were known for their intense live shows and their uncompromising attitude. Planned Obsolescence is a fitting swan song for a great band.

If you are a fan of punk rock, then you should definitely check out Planned Obsolescence. It is a powerful and urgent EP that is sure to leave you wanting more.

Original Release:  2019.
Catalog No:  HOOK 02.
Size:  12" Single Vinyl Record.
Color:  Black.