Cure, The - Japanese Whispers (CD)

Cure, The - Japanese Whispers (CD)

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Japanese Whispers is a compilation album by the English rock band The Cure, released in December 1983. It is a collection of singles and B-sides from the band's 1982-1983 period, which was a time of transition for the group. After the dark and brooding Pornography album, The Cure began to experiment with a more pop-oriented sound. This is evident on Japanese Whispers, which features the hit singles "Let's Go to Bed", "The Walk", and "The Lovecats".

The album was a commercial success, reaching number 15 on the UK Albums Chart and number 46 on the US Billboard 200. It has been praised by critics for its eclectic mix of songs, which range from the dark and atmospheric "The Dream" to the upbeat and poppy "The Lovecats".

Japanese Whispers is an essential album for any fan of The Cure. It is a great introduction to the band's diverse sound and features some of their most popular hits.

Original Release:  1983.
Catalog No:  817 470-2.
Type:  Jewel Case.