Danzig - Life Without A Net Demo 1987

Danzig - Life Without A Net Demo 1987

CRS-80s Rock
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Danzig - Life Without A Net Demo 1987 is an unofficial compilation album of demo recordings by the heavy metal band Danzig. The album was released in 2018 and contains nine songs, including early versions of some of Danzig's most popular songs, such as "Twist of Cain," "Am I Demon?," and "Possession."

The album was compiled from long-lost tapes that were discovered by Danzig guitarist John Christ. The tapes were recorded in 1987, shortly before Danzig released their self-titled debut album. The demos are a fascinating glimpse into the early days of Danzig's career, and they show how the band's sound was evolving at the time.

The demos on Life Without A Net Demo 1987 are rougher and more raw than the versions of the songs that were eventually released on Danzig's debut album. However, they are also more energetic and spontaneous. Danzig's vocals are particularly impressive on the demos, and he sounds like he is having a lot of fun.

Overall, Life Without A Net Demo 1987 is an essential album for any Danzig fan. It is a unique opportunity to hear some of the band's most iconic songs in their earliest form.

Track listing:
Twist of Cain
Am I Demon?
When Death Had No Name (Mortal Sin)
Trouble (I'm Evil) (Elvis Presley cover)
Waiting On The Summer (Soul On Fire)
Die For The Demon (Night Of Hate)
Chaos (Descent)
Trouble (I'm Evil) v.2

Glenn Danzig - vocals
John Christ - guitar
Eerie Von - bass
Chuck Biscuits - drums

Original Release:  2018.
Catalog No:  YDLP009.
Size:  12" Single Vinyl Record.
Color:  Blue Marbled/Trash.