Cassette:  Deaf Proof - Brain Utopia (light blue)
Cassette:  Deaf Proof - Brain Utopia (light blue)

Cassette: Deaf Proof - Brain Utopia (light blue)

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Deaf Proof is Pedro (d), JP (b) and J. Fredo (v/g). Deaf Proof is Psychedelic Fuzz. Deaf Proof is awesome.

Wake up you stoner dudes and dudettes! Grab your headphones and light ‘em up because DEAF PROOF from Freiburg, Germany is unleashing a monster of an album with “Brain Utopia”. This work is a no-brainer must-have for music fans, even for those whose brains tend to be mildly incapacitated at times.

Yes my friends, we are talking vintage, fuzzy, psychedelic, and indeed, excellent stoner material here. To say otherwise would require serious checking of the hearing, which is not a bad thing to do once in a while anyway.

The title track BRAIN UTOPIA immediately lets you know what you have gotten yourself into as it dives into a very strong and non-negotiable head banger riff. From there you are treated to an impressive 14 minute long experience that would best be accompanied by one of those mucho longo thingamajiggies.
It all thrives along with a pounding intensity that does not let you go until it slowly dissolves into Trial & Error. Do be cautious when listening to this song in rooms with low hanging lamps and freaky wallpaper.

Next up is THE AWAKENING, and if you haven’t woken up yet, you will now. This tune is just flat out awesome.
The album then closes with DESERT MAN and it gives you something that you can see yourself following for a nice long while. But instead of developing lengthy patterns like some of the other songs, the Desert Man decides to swiftly wander off into some far away landscape where things are most definitely groovy. Maybe in the next album we get to visit him.