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Desert Tree House - Cactus Eater (Vinyl/Record)

Desert Tree House - Cactus Eater (Vinyl/Record)

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Fuzz, groove and riffs instead of umbrella, charm and melon.

At DESERT TREE HOUSE from Freiburg, the instruments speak and they have a lot to say! That's why your STONER PSYCHEDELIC DOOM brew doesn't need any singing. Alpha on the guitar fuzzes himself out, he plays the bass right away, but also rips off fat solos, while Pedro makes the skins smoke at the shooting gallery.

Yes, exactly, there are only two of them, that's all you need.

The sound of DESERT TREE HOUSE is soaked with all the ingredients that even the scene leaders of this subculture couldn't use better, but the band consistently sets its own tone. You feel at home and yet you are constantly discovering new things.

The first song CYANCALI DESERT is a first-class doomy stoner roller that makes the walls shake, the title track CACTUS EATER after that is in no way inferior, but knows how to captivate the listener with fine melodies and a quiet intermediate part. Side B begins with the furious DRY VALLEY, here it goes straight forward from beginning to end, there isn't a dry eye in the room (dry - dry - MEN!). The conclusion of the LP is BLUE SUN OVERDRIVE, which builds up in emotional and bluesy waves before escalating at the end with intricate rhythms.

Genre:  Rock.
Sub-Genre:  Instrumental / Desert  / Psychedelic.
Catalog No:  CR059.
Size:  12" Single Vinyl Record.