FUZZ-029:  Deville - Pigs With Gods (clear record)

FUZZ-029: Deville - Pigs With Gods (clear record)

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YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLt0i0YaUKA&t=1115s

“Like a rock / metal punch right in your face” - Andreas Bengtsson (vocalist / guitar player) 'Pigs with Gods' is the bands second release on Fuzzorama and their fifth release in their career. It picks up where ‘Make it belong to us’ left off, moving in an even more heavy direction straight towards metal, leaving the stoner genre behind in favor of a more classic metal sound. It fits the guys perfect! Whilst still being a record that has nice dynamics ‘Pigs with Gods’ is definitely the bands heaviest effort to date. As the band members themselves would like to put it: "When we first started writing music for a new album it became evident to all of us that we were quite tired of the traditional doom/stoner genre... It soon became clear that more Metal was what we all wanted! Thus, the album was given a very metal feeling...”