Dusk - Wheels Of Twilight

Dusk - Wheels Of Twilight

Metal: Various - Record
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Occult Heavy Metal from Austria, recommended if you like Lucifer, Ruby the Hatchet, Coven and Electric Citizen.

Have you ever asked yourself what hell is like when all demons are already dwelling on earth? What appears as good to the eye of the beholder may not be what it seems. The core might differ from its vessel. The evil, repelled and damned to wander in the dark, hold a spark of light within. Both shadow and light wrap their virtues to create the “Wheels of Twilight”.

“Wheels of Twilight” sets its eyes on niches where twilight is nesting and veiling what we comprehend as good or evil. It’s lifting the veil, depriving faces and creatures of their mystique, and setting their true nature free.

DUSK’s first full-length is a path through the depths and pits of human existence, a ride on the horses of the utter end to break the four seals of deliverance.

Genre:  Metal.
Sub-Genre:  Classic / Heavy / Occult.
Catalog No:  REX2326LP.
Size:  12" Single Vinyl Record.
Color:  Colored (see pic).