Record:  Forming The Void - Relic (clear)

Record: Forming The Void - Relic (clear)

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Forming the Void, originally formed in 2013 in Lafayette, Louisiana, has gained an impressive reputation for raising underground rock into realms of the previously unknown. Atmospheric, heavy and progressive yet losing none of these earnest qualities at volume, they layer their ambitions as thickly as the riffs that help transmit their visions. Newly signed to German Label Lonestar Records, this July will see the release of their third album "Relic". Like "Skyward" before it, it draws on one hell of a colossal sound. Summoning the towering hard rock riffs and progressive influence of bands like Mastodon, Baroness and Torche, Relic finds the four piece illustrating their bold and adventurous ideas in the most vivid of colours. Clear coke-bottle coloured vinyl, limited to 500 copies.