Fostermother - Self Titled:  Black Destroyers Edition (black record)
Fostermother - Self Titled:  Black Destroyers Edition (black record)

Fostermother - Self Titled: Black Destroyers Edition (black record)

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Band Biography:

In early 2019, Houston based multi-instrumentalist Travis Weatherred began developing songs inspired by 70’s hard rock, 90’s grunge, and todays modern doom metal.  With hazy, fuzzed out guitars, roaring bass, and clean vocals, Fostermother harkens back to the 70’s gloom of Blue Oyster Cult, paired with an affinity for Black Sabbath.  The Band’s songs elevate from bluesy infused desert rock with alternative roots while pushing toward mid-tempo doom riffs that chug in an almost droning nature.

Band Members:

Travis Weatherred – vocals & lead guitar

Stephen Griffin – bass

Justin Mayo – drums

Album Biography:

After recording the drums, guitar, bass, and vocals in his home studio, Travis Weatherred released his first single, Destroyers.  In October 2019, Stephen Griffin joined the band as a collaborator.  With common interests in progressive rock and metal, the additional song, Fathoms was added to the album.  One month later, the band released the album digitally on January 21, 2020.  The following month, Justin Mayo joined the band on drums with their first live debut in March 2020.

  • Tracks 1-4, 6 and 7 written and performed by Travis Weatherred.
  • Track 5 music by Stephen Griffin.
  • Album artwork by Zulfajri Maulana Budianto & Shane Horror.

Release Date:  15 August 2020.


50 copies – Black Destroyers Edition.

50 copies – Gold Dark Sun Edition.

100 copies – Olde Magick Records Edition with Shane Horror art poster.


Fostermothers album spent two months on the Doom charts, coming in @ number 19 in January and then moving up to number 5 in February 2020, beating out bands like Vessel, Big Scenic Nowhere, Yatra, Hallas, Sleepwulf, Acid Mammoth, Frayle, The Spacelords, Mount Hush, Aunt Cythia’s Cabin, and Yuri Gagarin to name a few.

Texan trip technicians FOSTERMOTHER plunder the pharmaceutical mausoleum of Psychedelic Doom, freely looting from the arcane and the archaic: 70’s-infused fuzz meets the glass-hot sands of Desert Rock, bakes you to a crisp and leaves you shriveled in the pitiless sun.


U.S. distribution @ The Cosmic Peddler.

European distribution @ Kozmik Artifactz.