FUZZ-001:  Truckfighters vs Firestone - Fuzzsplit of the Century (brown record)

FUZZ-001: Truckfighters vs Firestone - Fuzzsplit of the Century (brown record)

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YouTube:  Truckfighters/Firestone - Fuzzsplit of the Century (2003) (Full Album) - YouTube

Truckfighters were formed in Örebro, Sweden in 2001. After releasing EPs in 2001 and 2002, they recorded a split-EP with local Swedish band Firestone in 2003 called ''Fuzzsplit of the Century.'' This masterpiece of Fuzz was an early insight into the magic that was yet to come.

The A side of the record is dedicated to Truckfighters while flipping the record over you'll get the wonderful music of Firestone. The A side opener, ''The Special Theory Of Relativity'' is an instrumental piece with a very special drum sound. All the drums were recorded in a big sports hall! ''Special Theory'' is a slow, groovy, spacey, stoner piece with plenty of fuzz and it leads straight into ''Nitro,'' which lays down a thick groove with distant and distorted vocals placed in the back of the thick layers of fuzz and power! ''Helium 28'' has a cool, groovy guitar riff before it gets buried by the pummeling bass. Slowly the tune takes off into more melodic territory including and ending with birds and acoustic guitars and harmonic vocals, very smooth. ''New Woman'' begins with pounding bass drum as the riff is slowly layered into the loose building groove. As the song progresses it comes back to pummel you again. Their portion of the CD ends with ''Valium'' (which is replaced on the vinyl version with ''Gravity x-3''), a cool 9 minute track. This is as close as Truckfighters gets to reaching the space-fuzz-rock heavens. Guitar solos are few, if at all, on these tracks with the band relying on heavy riffs to take you into space.

That sets the stage for Firestone. While Truckfighters go for some longer tunes, all the Firestone tunes are in the 3 minute range, short and potent but plenty of fuzz and distortion. ''Code to Destroy'' is the first track and while the riff is very Sabbath inspired, the vocal delivery gives the tune a Blue Cheer like feel. This band also is not into guitar solos, purely riff rock. ''Megalomania'' is next and again really grooving stuff. Firestone brings down the grooves and you can hear the nice vocal delivery of Mattias, who clearly likes John Garcia. ''Planet Remover'' is another melodic Kyuss-like track with a cool break in the middle with congas and fuzzy wah bass. The album ends with ''Let the Sky Fall'' and is fairly reminiscent of Unida. On brown colored vinyl.