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Gerbils, The - Dead Detroit / Lost 1982 Recordings (Vinyl/Record)

Gerbils, The - Dead Detroit / Lost 1982 Recordings (Vinyl/Record)

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The Gerbils' album  Dead Detroit: Lost 1982 Recordings is a collection of songs by a high school-aged hardcore punk rock band from Farmington Hills, Michigan. The album features songs recorded in the summer of 1982 but  remained unreleased for over three decades until their rediscovery and release by Lysergic Sounds Distributors in 2019.

The band members went on to play in other successful bands, including the Necros, Negative Approach, Shock Therapy, Laughing Hyenas, DaDa, Glass Heroes, Busted Hearts, and the Afflicted. Despite their later success, The Gerbils themselves remained relatively unknown outside of the Detroit area.

Dead Detroit: Lost 1982 Recordings is a raw and energetic album that captures the spirit of the early hardcore punk scene. The songs are short, fast, and to the point, with lyrics that deal with teenage angst, frustration, and alienation. The album has been praised for its authenticity and energy, and it is a valuable document of a lost era of Detroit music.

Original Release:  2016.
Catalog No:  KCP092584.
Size:  12" Single Record.