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Hellgrimm- The Hunger (CD)

Hellgrimm- The Hunger (CD)

Metal: Various - CD
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Hard bluesy riffs, accentuated drumming and a singer with a lot of soul in her voice. This is how the Texans present themselves in the title track “Hunger”. In addition, a solo of an extremely distorted guitar. The two really kicks your ass with their sound. With Wah-Wah guitars then begins “Monster In Me”.

A little faster, a little harsher. And again hectic sounding extremely distorted guitars. In “Train” the guitars sound partly cleaner. But the hard riffs are still not missing. The song “Plague” reminds of the early Black Sabbath. Lower tuned guitars, gloomy sound. Nothing against Ozzy, but Erica Missey could well have been at the microphone during this phase of the Brits. And band partner Jerry Connor delivers an amazing solo. For me the best song of the album.

On the other hand, “Feeling Nothing” sounds almost a bit more mainstream. You could actually classify it as a (half) ballad. A musical splash of colour, as one would certainly not have expected at the beginning of the album. After a strong bass line, the Wah-Wah of the guitars determines the sound again in “Leatherface”. The vocals are rougher here in places, light growls can be heard. And again these almost sick sounding guitar hooks. Also, in “Deamon” the bass starts, which is later replaced by hard riffs. Harmonica pleasing? Can be heard on “Bottle I Drink.” No idea if this is a real one. But no matter, it provides a little bit of Wild West atmosphere. “Insidious” bangs then again properly from the boxes. Before the album ends contemplatively with the acoustic and completely rainy instrumental “Tears of Eve”.

Genre:  Metal.
Sub-Genre:  Hard / Blues.
Catalog No:  75549120402.
Type:  Digipack.