Hellhookah - The Curse (cassette)

Hellhookah - The Curse (cassette)

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cursed edition - grey & black swirl cassette tape

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTmbCaBT5pY&t=1696s

Band Biography:

Hellhookah is a Lithuanian two-piece Doom band formed in 2012 by Arnas (guitars/vocals) and Gintarė (drums). After almost two years of practice, Hellhookah started performing at live events in January of 2014.  In 2016, Hellhookah released their debut album, Endless Serpents, on compact disk and vinyl record.  Since 2016 the band has played numerous live shows and festivals in over 17 European countries.  On 17 April 2020, Hellhookah released their second album The Curse on compact disk and on digital download and has since been picked up for distribution on vinyl LP by Olde Magick Records.

 Band Members:

Arnoldas Gricius – vocals, lead guitar, & bass

Gintare Staneviciute – drums

Album Biography:

Hellhookahs new album The Curse is a slightly deeper and darker album both musically and conceptually, compared to earlier pieces.  Much like Black Sabbath, there are no happy songs on The Curse, where the music is more dark and damned.  Lyrical themes refer to existential problems while occasionally looking from a global perspective, as in the song Greed and Power.  The album flows with references to war, mass destruction, poverty, slavery, and social inequality, as never-ending global problems reflected as endless cycles repeating themselves historically and naturally.  These referenced endless cycles lead to the idea of The Curse, which through terrifying visions brings us back to the starting point of exploring our destiny, nature, and consciousness.   

  • Mastered for vinyl by legend Tony Reed.
  • Artwork by Darius Jones.
  • Limited edition 3D insert by Stoney Greenburn.

Release Date:  August 2020.


 150 copies – Cursed Edition:  grey and black swirled record

100 copies – Olde Magick Edition:  grey and black swirled record with 3D poster/glasses and sticker.


Hellhookahs album debuted on the Doom charts, coming in @ number 22 in April 2020, beating out bands like Forming the Void, Bone Church, Twin Wizard, and Slow Phase to name a few.  The band was also a Thursday Freebie on the Doom Charts for donating 100 download codes on their Bandcamp.

These harbingers of Doom regale us with tales of tortured souls, hallucinating minds, and the self-destructive tendencies of mankind. Fans of old school Metal and Classic Rock will proclaim this album more of a blessing than a curse.

 Experience has taught me that when a heavy band is paired down from four to three to just two players, it tends to either sound threadbare or shine brilliantly.  Thankfully, this yoke is once again yielding a fruitful harvest on Hellhookah’s latest spin, ‘The Curse’ (2020).  The one-two-punch combo packs so much heat that on first listen you’d swear there are four, maybe five people at work here.

~Billy Goat (Doomed & Stoned)


U.S. distribution @ The Cosmic Peddler.

European distribution @ Kozmik Artifactz.